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Hi there. Welcome here. (if you were here in person I would give you a hug, I’m a hugger ) I am so glad you came to check out martha loves 2 read. The title came from my family because whenever anyone of them wants to know about something they will always say “ask Martha she   loves to read” (which usually turns into doing research) which means more books to buy and read. I cannot walk into a place and not stop to read what’s on the wall or on a table or in book shelves.(to the frustration of whoever is with me). For me it’s about what can I learn from what’s around me or what are the people like that resign in this place. Books can tell you a lot about a person.

I will be totally honest with you and say that this website will not be like any other site on books or READING.

Why you ask, because I have ADHD and my mind is like a rabbit trail and then you add some senior moments into the mix and what do you get? Someone who jumps from one thing to another and can’t remember where they’re going or what their looking for, but, hay look there’s a book got to check that out. Right where was I again?

My Love Of Reading

I do not know when I started liking books but I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t reading (when I was support to do dishes I was reading or cleaning the house I was reading and 60 years later that hasn’t changed) I love to read.

I do remember when I got into reading biographies. I was attending a country school and I think it was grade 5. In the library was this book called “The Von Trapp Family”. (At that time I did not know about “The Sound of Music”). It was a thick book but there was something about the book that I just had to read it. It took me that summer to finish reading it. (2 months ). But I was HOOKED.

Since then, I have never looked at a book or read one without wanting to know what is behind the book, who wrote it and such but most of all WHAT could I Learn from it. Even fiction stories have some truths in them that a person can learn from. (I would even get out the atlas and look up the places in the books or at least somewhere close by and get to know the geography that was spoken of in said book).

That being said I do enjoy reading biographies, travel books, cookbooks, lifestyle books, books on self-help, organization, crafts, health, romance, devotional books, inspirational books, certain magazines and Journals. Yes I collect Journals and read though them.

Call me curious Martha, but I love to learn and do research looking for answers.  When there is a subject that interest me I go all out to learn as much as I can about it. I go to thrift stores and look for books on the subject, print articles out about it which I then put into binders. (And I have lots of those). I READ, READ, READ and write. 

Finding Uniqueness in People and Books

First and foremost I am a people person. Reading and people interest me in the same way. When I look at people and books I see each one as someone or something special with unique qualities about them. You can learn so much from people and books or people in books or what people say in books. I totally hope as we explore these areas that you my readers will take one new idea away with you and pass it on.

I would like to invite you to follow me and  learn new ways of looking at reading,and maybe it will even rekindle your passion for reading.  I will do my best to  put in a book review here and there. (not my favorite).

I get bored with ordinary very easily and since this is my website I do not want it to be boring or ordinary so I need you my readers to help me.Tell me  what you find interesting, fun or boring. I so want to hear what reading means to you.

Reading With A Twist

My purpose is to show a different twist on READING.

There are 4 kinds of readers what kind of reader are you? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone into a new adventure.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

All the best,

Martha Dueck

marthasblog14 @gmail

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